Balloon Flight Terms and Conditions

Wiltshire Sight is offering two “tickets” for a Hot Air Balloon Flight.  One ticket is available via a FREE draw, the other ticket is only available via a Donation Draw.

The Hot Air Balloon Flight will be held in Wiltshire at a date to be arranged after the draw has been made and the winners notified.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride Offer includes:

– Hands on experience helping to set up the balloon (optional).
– Full safety brief from the pilot to all passengers.
– Spectacular views over Wiltshire (flights are to be within 30 mile radius of Devizes).
– Transportation return to pre-flight meeting point.
– Passenger Insurance.

The Hot Air Balloon Ride Offer does not include:

– Travel, or cost of travel, to or from the meeting point, launch field or landing field.  Winners must make their own travel arrangements.
– Any option to rearrange the flight if the winner is unavailable on the selected date / time of the flight.  If the winner is unavailable, the option of the flight will pass to the next runner up.

The winners agree to:

– Obey the instructions of the Hot Air Balloon Ground and Air Crew at all times.
– Wear clothing suitable for Hot Air Ballooning.
(i.e Long Sleeves and clothing suitable for outdoor exposure and walking in muddy fields!).
– Feature on the Wiltshire Sight website and other publications or promotions as decided by Wiltshire Sight.

Limitations and Constraints:

– Winners must be living in Wiltshire at the time that the winners draw is made.
– Winners must be physically able to get into and out of the basket unaided.
– Applicants must be older than 15 years (if under 18 years written permission from a parent is needed).
– The planned flight may be cancelled at short notice due to weather conditions.
– The same person shall not win both the free and the donation tickets. In the unlikely event that this happens, the donation draw will be re-drawn.
– The free draw notification will be made via our Facebook page.  The winner must still be a “fan” at the time of the announcement to qualify.
– The donation draw will be made via email.  The winner must still be “subscribed” at the time of the announcement to qualify.
– The draw will be made in May 2015.  The date selected for the flight will be notified to the winners, but due to weather the flight may not occur for several months.
– Acting on its own judgement, or on advice from the hot air balloon pilot, Wiltshire Sight may refuse to permit a winner to fly, for any reason relating to safety either of the passengers or the balloon crew.
– Wiltshire Sight reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. The Terms and Conditions at the time of the draw are considered to be fixed.
– There will be no recompense for either the free ticket winner or donation draw winner if a flight does not occur.