Do YOU Have Collision Vision?

Motorists urged to think about their eyes

Eyes 2 DriveLocal Charity Wiltshire Sight has teamed up with Wiltshire and Swindon Road Safety Partnership and Haine & Smith Opticians, to highlight the importance of good eyesight for motorists by launching the #eyes2drive campaign.

Having good eyesight is essential to safe driving. Yet some drivers fail to get their eyes tested regularly, some going years or even decades without checking their vision is up to standard. Others put themselves and others in unnecessary danger by taking to the wheel without their glasses or contact lenses. Poor vision is estimated to cause 2,900 road casualties every year.

Leanne Hubbard Chief Executive of Wiltshire Sight says: “Drivers can help make our roads safer by getting their eyes tested at least every two years, even if they think their vision is perfect, or straight away if they notice a problem. Vision can deteriorate quickly, sometimes without you even noticing, so regular tests are crucial and can help detect any longer-term conditions before they get worse.” Mrs Hubbard adds: “If you have been advised to wear glasses or contact lenses for driving you should wear them every time you take to the wheel.”

Sergeant Brewster added “The legal requirements that the Police CAN test for is that a driver can read a standard clean number plate from 20.5 metres in good daylight. If spectacles or contact lenses are required to achieve this then they must also be worn for driving. As driving with impaired vision is clearly a road safety issue, Wiltshire Police are keen to support this initiative and to raise driver awareness on this issue, encouraging regular eye checks.”

Giles Smith partner at Haine and Smith Opticians Said “Haine & Smith are committed to helping raise awareness of the importance of regular eye tests and it is particularly exciting to be supporting the Eyes 2 Drive campaign because we can join with The Road Safety Partnership in taking big steps together to improve road safety.”

The project will include town centre Roadshows in Chippenham, Salisbury and Swindon offering a wealth of free information, giveaways and things to see and do. Wiltshire Fire & Rescue and Wiltshire Police will have vehicles on display, there will be fun activities for children and Haine & Smith opticians will provide free on the spot vision checks and discount vouchers for use at any of their nineteen local practices.

The roadshows take place:

* Chippenham, Town Bridge on Friday 23rd October 9:30am – 4pm

* Salisbury outside Guildhall on Tuesday 27th October 9:30am – 4pm

* Swindon, Wharf Green on Thursday 29th October 10am – 4pm

The campaign will coincide with the October clock change when Daylight Saving Time ends and many road journeys become more challenging in the dark as people adjust to the low light levels and the reflective glare from oncoming headlights.