We rely on public support to keep our services going, and to help establish new ones. Whether you are an individual, company, school, or charitable trust, your support makes a huge difference to the thousands of visually impaired children and adults that use our services.

There are many different ways to donate and support Wiltshire Sight – please select your preferred method, or call us for more information.

Below are the different ways in making some donations:


Send a donation today!
To make a gift by post, please print off a copy of the donation form (PDF) and send it with your donation to:

Wiltshire Sight
St Lucy’s Sight Centre
The Beeches, Browfort, Bath Road
SN10 2AT

Please make your cheque or Postal Order payable to Wiltshire Sight for the amount you wish to contribute.

Direct Debit

By donating on a regular basis to you can make sure that we continue to provide the services in the years to come. Please download the direct debit form (PDF) and don’t forget to fill in the Gift Aid section on the form if appropriate.

Payroll giving

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to donate on a regular basis is by making a donation directly from your salary. Ask your department if they are signed up to a “payroll-giving” scheme – and if they are, you can ask to have a donation taken out of your salary, before tax, every month. Vicki Pulman of the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) says that if you are a lower-rate taxpayer, the cost of donating £15 to charity would be just £12 out of your net salary – or just £9 if you’re a higher-rate taxpayer.

Pink robots and rainbow collection boxes

Consider having a collection box in your home, which you could encourage friends and family to support by putting a small amount of small change in the box when they visit or put your own small change in. For more information or to receive a box please contact 01380 723682 or email


Your Donation no matter how big or small makes a BIG difference.