Gadget Gordon – The Kitchen Timer

Gadget Gordon
One gadget that I use daily is my mechanical kitchen timer, just rotate the dial on any amount of minutes up to one hour and it will ring when the time is up. I have had it for a few years, one from the R.N.I.B which has a raised dot for each minute. I use this mainly for telling me when my free hour of time is up when on the phone. Recently the timer broke and R.N.I.B. now only sell digital timers which having tried one seems to take ages to set due to the many functions on it. I found the same with many shops, then the other day I found a mechanical one on sale in the big Tescos. This one is black with very clear markings for each minute and on the dial in white. The price of the timer is £3. If you cannot see these markings there is room to put bumpons around the edge.

This article was written by Gadget Gordon