Kitchen Aids for Increased Accessibility

I have no periphery vision and due to recent further sight loss, I have been having increased difficulties in the kitchen. I kept burning myself on the hot oven shelves and when I tried to transfer vegetable peelings from my wooden chopping board into the bin, they kept slipping off the sides and onto the floor. It was then difficult for me to find the fallen food because I can only see a very small area.

I discussed my difficulties with Maggie at Wiltshire Sight and she suggested that I search on the internet for some oven shelf guards and a folding/flexible chopped board. She also recommended long gauntlet style oven gloves. I researched and discovered these amazing products from Amazon:

2 Raak Silicone Oven Guards (two packs cost £6). They are soft, flexible, easy to fit and can be cut to size if need be. They are a bright red which adds great contrast in the oven.

Raak Silicone Oven Guards

Silicone Zone ‘Healthy Life Series’ Cut by Emblem four non-skid cutting boards (four chopping mats cost £17). The boards are flexible, colour coded by food type and I can now dispose of food waste easily in the bin without any spills. I do place a wooden chopping board under the mat to provide extra contrast because they are partially see through and blend into my dark worktop.

Silicone Zone 'Healthy Life Series' Cutting Boards

These products, along with the gauntlets have completely changed my daily cooking experience making it far safer and less frustrating.