Save Time and Send Christmas Greetings to help Wiltshire Sight

Christmas Cash for Cards PosterWiltshire Sight is asking people to wish their colleagues a Merry Christmas on a poster, and donate what they would have spent on cards to assist those with sight loss.

Writing Christmas cards to everyone in the workplace can be time consuming, and also very awkward if someone gets missed out! Wiltshire Sight has come up with a solution: a festive Christmas tree poster, where everyone can write a message on a bauble and donate money saved. It is simple; it saves time and it enables Wiltshire Sight to continue its work with people of all ages who are visually impaired.

“I hope that offices across Wiltshire and Swindon will get behind this very simple idea,” said Eleanor Brown, a volunteer organising the campaign. “Every workplace can make such a difference to the people living with sight loss. People will still be able to spread the Christmas Spirit at work but save themselves the effort of writing cards.”

If your workplace would like a Christmas Greeting pack, please email or call 01380 723 682. You can also download extra posters here.