Technology event in Salisbury to show case the power of gadgets to blind and visually impaired people

Clever gadgets known as assistive technology can make a big difference to people living with sight loss by improving their independence. But, many people who could benefit are not aware of what is available.

To improve awareness of assistive technology, we’re organising an Eye Can event at the Guildhall in Salisbury on 8 April to showcase products and services available on the market.

“Many people are not aware of what’s available and using gadgets can help with everyday living and promote independence by helping people do things for themselves ”, said Leanne Hubbard, Chief Executive, Wiltshire Sight.

Leading manufacturers and suppliers of assistive technology products including Dolphin, Optelec, Humanwear, Synapptic, Low Vision Optima, Enhanced Vision, Independent Vision, Sight Sound Technology and Pamtrad will showcase their products and be on hand to demonstrate how they work.

There will also be information and advice from leading charities including Wiltshire Sight, the Macular Society, Action for Blind People and Blind Veterans, as well as Calibre library services.

The event is free to the general public and will be of interest to anyone who is visually impaired or knows someone who might benefit.