Test of Self Reading Page

Page in Audio: Select Play to have this page read to you. Please make sure you speakers are turned on!

Hello Folks, this is a technology test of what I am calling a “self reading” page.

The self reading page is a standard webpage which, to increase accessibility, has an audio file available which provides an audio version of the page.

The idea is that if Wiltshire Sight adds a page to the website, then a volunteer – with a nice radio voice – would read the page. This recording can then be added to the site.

You are now listening to such a recording!

In total this page and the audio recording took 10 minutes to make. Half of this time was to add the audio. So it would require some additional effort to offer a “self reading page”.

Do you think it is worth it? Please offer us some feed back on whether you think this is a useful feature and let us know if you would like to see self reading webpages on our website.