Image of Laptop for Webmaster

Welcome Wiltshire Sight Webmasters!

Welcome to all who wish to work on the Wiltshire Sight Website

Here are some guides that I hope will prove helpful to you.

If there is anything else that you would like help with please contact me and I will do what I can to help.

I look forward to seeing the site grow and flourish as you implement your planned changes.

Kind Regards,

Chris Todd
07967 842038.


TOP TIP: to get through these training videos in quick time, use the right click and “save as” option on the “download video” link beneath each video.  Then play them in VLC (free download), which allows you to play back at up to x4 original speed.  You’ll get through these in no time!


1. Intro to WordPress Dashboard – main control options for the website.

Download video


2. Genesis Frame Work (site theme) – includes a description on sidebar creation and application of global css.

Download video


3. Appearance Section of the dashboard menu – including widgets (plus how to populate sidebars).

Download video


4. Menu Section – How to add pages to the menu (navigation bar).

Download video


5. Plugins – description of all the plugins used and how to add a plugin.

Download video


6. Adding a New Page (1 of 2) – How to make a new page.

Download video


7. Adding a New Page (2 of 2) – Making an example page – watch video 6 first.

NOTE: See video 4 if you need to add your new page to the navigation menu.

Download video


8. Adding a New Post – Very similar to making a new page, so please watch the new page videos first.

Download video


9. Making External Links – How to add the accessibility image to those links that open in a new tab (browser window).

NOTE: “short-cut” in the video  (“post production edit”), or alternatively, see text instructions below this video.

Download video


Example: Here is my example link:  an external link

… and here is the code used to make the external link.  Note the external class code which must be manually added to all external links that open in a new tab (target=”_blank”).

Image of example code for the opens in new page image




10. Updating WordPress and Updating Plugins – How to keep the site updated.

NOTE: This is important, particularly for the security plugins.  Note advise on how to avoid running into “conflicts” when updating things!  Only update one item (theme, plugin or WordPress installation) at a time.

Download video


11. And Finally…. other WordPress tutorials – available here.