Why we changed our name!

Wiltshire Sight Logo

Welcome the new Wiltshire Site!

After much deliberation and consultation with our clients and community… ta-dah!

Wiltshire Sight is the new name for the Wiltshire Blind Association.

This new name better represents the people that we help as less than 4% of people with sight loss are totally blind. We found that people who needed our help, but were not blind, felt that the charity was not able to help them. This was mainly because of the use of “Blind” in the charity name.

“Wiltshire Sight” much better represents the people we help and the services we offer.

This new website represents the launch of the new organisation’s online presence. It will take time to develope the website and so you may wish to refer to the previous website for some information. If that is the case please click here to visit the old website.