Wiltshire Sight at the London Marathon

For the first time ever we have secured a place in the London Marathon on 24th April 2016. We have already signed up a fit and healthy young man, called Patrick Mclean, who is keen to raise funds and awareness for Wiltshire Sight and everyone we support. Patrick is also a new reporter for the Gazette and Herald and is keen to highlight the training he is doing and the work that we do in the press in order to maximise the awareness of what we do and the support that people can offer him. Not only that – Patrick is prepared to put himself through the arduous running of 26 miles and 385 yards!!

This is a really positive outcome and what can be seen as an investment for our future.

We know you must get lots of fundraising requests either through the post, email and even the television – all asking you for your hard earned money. We know that it is a difficult time for people, and that is why we are genuinely especially grateful of any money that you can donate – as we know that your support truly comes from the heart. We would just like to ask – that if you can give a gift of money towards Patrick’s fundraising target, it will be gratefully received – not just by Patrick, but by anyone who benefits from our service.

You can donate here.

You can also read the the press launch about Patrick running the marathon at thisiswiltshire.co.uk